Heh heh, that’s pretty evil. I like it. 

Just a word of caution, do make sure fresh means fresh. A sub friend and I made the mistake once of leaving her ginger in the fridge for a couple of weeks before we tried figging her, we’d done it before and she’d loved it, but that fucker get more potent the longer you leave it in the fridge. When she finally used it it hurt so much she nearly threw up. Not quite what we had planned. 

So yeah, keep it fresh! But now I think about figging (that’s using carved ginger root as a butt plug, for those who were curious), let’s make use of that. You’re to do 30 minutes ginger edging a day, and if you fail any day then the remainder is to be spent with it in your butt (read up so you know how to do it safely).

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