So today I went shopping in a cute little sundress w my panties stuffed in my cunt. It was p windy & I had such a hard time keeping my dress down but I managed! I went to this huge store & took the cutest upskirt photos of my cunt w my panties shoved inside. I made the mistake of telling Daddy the place was p empty & that I could prob pull my panties out right there in an aisle in the middle of the store but that I was a little scared to do so. Daddy said that I could be little or that I could be scared, but not both. So He had me squat down right then & there, pull the panties out of my cunt, scrunch them up in my hand, & walk back to my car like that. I was so so nervous but I did it! As soon as I pulled them out, I could smell how wet they were. I was so paranoid anyone near me would be able to smell me on them, too, so I rushed out to my car as quickly as possible. I shoved them back inside me, drove home, pulled them out, & gagged myself w them while I slapped my cunt. Today was a v fun day😌💖

Very impressive!

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