This is my sex toy collection. A few items are improvised or even homemade, I had to get creative before I had my own debit card (did you know you can make a dildo out of toilet paper and ceran wrap?). What do you suggest I do with them?
Also if you don’t mind making this anonymous, I would greatly appreciate it!

Well firstly nice work on the homemade dildo, that’s impressive. However, how you’re a big girl and can buy your own toys… let’s bin that one shall we? Unless you want to keep it for sentimental reasons (Oh the times we had…) it’s much better to stick with toys designed for the purpose.

So for your task I want you either on all fours or kneeling on the floor with the dildo stuck well to the surface so you can fuck it vigourously. Add the clips to your nipples sticking striaght out.

You can use the vibe to work your clit till you’re close but you may only fuck yourself over the edge, at least 20 seconds since the vibe last left your clit.

If you can’t get over, poor you. Shove the vibe in you and put some tight panties over it to keep it in overnight.

If you do go over, pull off immediately and let the orgasm ruin as you use all your willpower to stop yourself touching or ramming yourself back down on the dildo while your orgasm flitters away to nothing.

Good girl.

Want to show us your toy collection, homemade or otherwise?! Submit it here (and ask if you want it made anon like this one was) – and tell us how you like to use it, inspire and share people!

For those of you without toys, Lovehoney have some great deals on suction cup dildos and vibes at the moment in their sale or for the UK the 2 for £25 deal.

The Deal of the Day for the UK is an 8 inch suction cup dildo just like the Anon’s above (just longer) – for £11, wow. And for the US it’s a classic rabbit vibe for $20, half price. 

And if you don’t think you need a suction cup dildo read this

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