Okay, did this one the same day as the test and was probably a bad idea not to do them separate days. *laughs*  On this one I had to dress up in my youngest clothes, hair in pigtail & barrettes, and use the makeup from a set of little girl makeup I got as a joke gift from my cousin at Christmas.  Top it off with some Love’s Babysoft perfume, the kind kids wear, and flats, nothing with any type of elevated heel.

Got home from classes dead tired and horny as hell from all that edging, and changed clothes to a cute little matching skirt & top outfit, sneakers, ankle socks and got my hair done.  It was chilly when it was supposed to be warm so also wore a hello kitty hoody.

First had to stop at an ATM to get cash.  I wasn’t allowed to use my card or write a check in this task so that no one would see my ID and see my age.  Strictly cash buys if I was successful.

Next I had to go to a toy store and get a teddy bear, not super huge but a good sized one and had to carry it in a shoping bag before I could do the main part of the task, so did that, no problems at all.

First try was a department store and went into the ladies lingerie section and asked he sales person for a bra fitting.  She told me I was too young and wouldn’t do it.  First try failed.

Second try was another department store and the sales lady was an older woman with greying hair.  When I asked her for a bra fitting she took a look at me up and down and the teddy bear peeking over the top of the shopping bag and told me “When your mom feels you’re ready she’ll bring you in honey, try not to grow up too fast.”   That was SO HUMILIATING!!!!

Third time was at VS and I felt confident I’d succeed at this one because they sell stuff to teens all the time (at least at this store).  Turns out I was wrong.  The sales girl looked at me and said I was too young and too small, they wouldn’t have anything to fit me.  According to Ashley’s task, when I came here I had to buy a thong too whatever the salesperson said, so I just frowned, bothered, and looked around for some thongs my size – XXS isn’t as plentiful as I hoped.  I got a couple and told her I’d take these and she said I was too young and wouldn’t sell them to me!!!

So, failed on all counts on this task but i tried.  The lack of sleep and being nervous really had me stammering when trying to talk so I guess I came across as a nervous young girl instead of an adult college student.

Wonderful report on a twisted task.
Good girl!

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