She’d only sent that message two days before, scared but proud of how brave she was being as she hit ‘send’.

And he’d been so nice, so friendly. As they moved their chat from Tumblr to Skype she even let him tell her what to do, loving every second of it as she confessed how good it felt to be controlled, guided, even over chat.

Closer he took her, her edging no longer her own, her fantasies coming true. She truly begged to be allowed to cum, for the first time she realised how it felt to be genuinely desperate, under someone else’s control.

I’m going to call you now, keep rubbing and answer it’ was the message that made her heart nearly burst out of her chest.

She touched the green icon.

‘Are you doing it?’ he asked her.

She rubbed her aching, denied cit even harder.

‘Yes Sir,’ she replied.

She was so fucked.

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