She’d always had the fantasy. He was the first one she’d ever told, one of those snuggly sexy night as he’d edged her, she would tell him anything in that state. And so it slipped out.

‘I, I want to be a doll!’ she blurted out, scared by his reaction to her silly idea.

‘Interesting,’ was his only reply, and his fingers set to working her harder until she cried out on the edge of climax. ‘I’ll see what I can do,’ he whispered as he took her over the edge, the first time in two weeks.

She had never been happier.

The very next night she came home to find a silk lined box on the bed. In it, make up, clothes, the perfect doll ensemble, and a small U-shaped vibrator with instructions on how to fit it against her G-spot and clit. ‘His doll remote’ he called it.

Two hours later she waited on the bed, gazing in amazement at her image in the mirror. It was as though he’d read her mind. She sat up straight as she heard him climb the stairs. Stiffening, the delighted smile wiped from her lips in a position of doll like neutrality.

His fingers traced their approval over her body, muttering to himself because, no one else in the room needed to hear. And with a click the device inside her came to life. A short intake of breath was all she let show.

‘Good girl,’ he whispered in her ear, ‘now don’t, you, move’.

A whole hour he left her there, gazing at herself, frozen, powered from inside to the heights of arousal. If only she’d move, press the vibe against her harder, she knew she’d climax in seconds. But like a good doll, she did what she was told.

Finally he returned, and he took her, flipping her over, silent as he slid deep inside her, a single tear of happiness wetting the silk sheets as he took his pleasure in her, without any attempt to reciprocate.

It was perfect. 

She had never been happier.

The thrill never dulled in the following weeks. Every day she rushed home, had a little catch up with him, and then, asked permission to go and ‘change’.

Sometimes he used her, sometimes he just posed her. But every day she found herself becoming more ‘Dolly’ and less Danielle.

And then, a couple of months later, he sat with her as she changed. The first time he’d ever done that. As she finished, before she could strike a pose, he stopped her and held out his hand, a small pink pill sitting in the middle of it.

‘I spoke to an expert. He prescribed this. You won’t have to hold it any more, You’ll be unable to move without me doing it. Each pill lasts a whole day. What do you think?’

She smiled and him with love in her eyes, sat up straight and opened her mouth.

She had never been happier.

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