She was desperate to live with them, they were the cool girls in class, the apartment was right next to the school, and the rent was tiny.

But that wasn’t the only cost. They knew how much she wanted it, so they added their own terms.

She wasn’t allowed to wear clothes when home alone with them. They were all kept in a locked wardrobe and she had to ask for the key.

Cleaning and cooking were her responsibility. And they were both very picky eaters.

But worst of all they introduced her to ‘orgasm denial’. She had to ‘edge’ every morning and evening and wasn’t allowed to cum without one of their permission.

To be honest it made all the rest easier, she felt herself gently slip into the rhythm of it. Stripping as she got back, no longer caring if there were guests after a couple of months of edging and exposure.

It took longer to get used to the things they made her do for permission to cum. The two of them seemed to make it a competition to make her do increasingly depraved and humiliating things than the other had last. But the less she came the more she wanted it. She got more than used to it, she craved it.

Next year the rent would be going up.

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