Hi James,
I’ve taken to edging myself at least 5 times a day when I’m home all day and at least twice when I have work or uni. I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks and I’m so hopelessly horny and constantly wet (I came 1 in the past 3 weeks with permission don’t worry). It’s so hard to focus on simple tasks like doing uni work with out having a quick edge. As someone who loves orgasm denial I thought you’d enjoy learning this.

I do love this, and I’m sure our readers will too, thank you!. Although some may find your coral fetish an eyeopener! (Seriously kinky!)

And may I suggest, write a list of what you want to achieve each day in the morning, number them by priority, start with number 1 and impose some no touch discipline rewarding yourself with an edge once you’ve completed each task. It’s a wonderful motivator.

And you’ll end up both horny, and pleased with yourself.

Want to send me your edging or denial submission? Use the submit page and if you want it anonymous, like this one was, just tell me, and I’ll repost it, so only you and I know just who’s on display.

Here’s a little treat for the OP, some more deep sea porn:


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