She had been warned that if she slipped over into orgasm again without permission he’d not only ruin it, but she’s get a hard snap directly on her clit.

The motivation had seemed to work, she fought and cried and begged and struggled against the ropes, and sure enough she didn’t go over for the very first time.

He smiled warmly at her, stroking her hair, telling her how proud he was of her new-found self control. She beamed back at him, and then grew puzzled as he picked up the elastic band and stretched it across her exposed, well edged pussy.

‘But Sir, I was a good girl, I didn’t cum, I held on for you!’ she cried out.

‘I know baby, you’ve been so good!’

‘Then why, why are you doing th..aaaaaaaahh!’ the sharp snap interrupted and turned her question into a cry of pain.

He smiled at her again as he pulled the elastic back even further. ‘I just love hurting beautiful things darling’ he explained and he let it snap again.

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