She begged him, truly begged, promising she’d do anything just to be allowed to edge, and then cum.

So he took her for a walk.

They walked across the town to an isolated spot the other side of the fields that surrounded it. “Build a fire, the way I showed you,” he told her. “You can start touching once it’s lit.”

Her cries of frustration every time the fire sputtered out got him hard. He quickly fucked her after her fifth attempt and then gave her another match. 

“Last chance, princess. Don’t fuck this one up.”

It lit, with a whoop of delight she rammed her hand down inside her panties as the flames grew and he fed the fire with the sticks he’d been collecting.

Soon the touching wasn’t enough, “Please Sir, let me edge now” she begged. The fire was roaring now, she knelt by it, mesmerised by the flames as she slide her fingers in and out, rubbing the juices over her swollen and aching clit.

“Your top,” he nodded to the blazing fire. “Throw it on.”

She looked at him, surprised, this was new. Then slipped her t-shirt off and tossed it onto the flames, her hand rubbing harder as soon as it returned to that warm wet junction between her legs.

“Now your skirt.” She’d wondered why he’d picked these clothes for her before the walk, he’d never liked them. Now she knew why.

Her mind went through the path he was now leading her down, her heart raced. I’m so fucked.

Sure enough, her bra, even her cute snowman socks went onto the fire. He always hated those. But it was worth it, if he was going to let her cum when her last item of clothing went on, the panties she was still reaching inside or rubbing through so furiously.

“Please Sir, please, can I cum?” she asked on cue. His smile told her she’d got it right, she loved knowing him so well.

But to her surprise he replied, “Not yet,” that time, and then several more times as she got even more desperate, holding herself on the very edge of orgasm. She knew if she went over it would end the game and all she’d have for her efforts was another awful ruin.

But that wasn’t his plan, it was the fire, the fire was burning down! The bastard was just going to let it go out and with it her chance of cumming.

Her begging got all the more desperate, she was so close, please, let her burn them, she was weeping with the frustration when finally he agreed.

Tearing them off, her wet ass grinding in the dust as she rolled back to stick her feet in the air she no longer cared, she had to watch them burn, she had to cum. She tossed them too hard against the small flames that were left, scattering the remaining embers.

She cried out as the fire sputtered against her soaked panties, “No, no, no!” she yelled, falling forward, trying to blow it back to life.

“Too bad baby, they were just too wet. Time to go home now.” 

He stretched out his hand and she stood, taking it as the tears ran down her face. He knelt in front of her and kissed her thighs as he did up her sandal straps. At least he let her keep her shoes for the walk home.

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