So, I get up this morning to discover I can’t see or reply to any messages (asks still work I think) and that if you search for the blog on Tumblr nothing now comes up.

Apparently this means I’ve been ‘shadowbanned’

Yet another underhand effort by Tumblr to slowly kill kinky blogs I suppose. 

Whether this is the next step to this blog disappearing I don’t know but it makes my move to my own domain an even more pressing matter.

Get it bookmarked folks, start to use it directly to view the blog too. I’m going to work on making the tumblr blog just part of it and have my own direct messaging and content and games and captions created there too so please make sure it’s on your radar.

And as for tumblr, you can still reach me on my SFW primary blog @englishgentlemandom, at least for now, so I suggest you follow that and message me there if you need to. Also reachable on

If anyone has any tips on getting shadowbans reversed also please let me know.

Thanks everyone, for your support and encouragement, but this is starting to get silly now… grrr.

Please reblog

This does mean that your reblogs become absolutely essential in this blog still being worthwhile. No one new is going to see my content any more unless you reblog it. So please think about reblogging more of my stuff to make the site still viable, especially this one so that people at least discover why my blog’s disappeared. Thank you.


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