Okay, so regular ones will often burn a bit too hot to be comfortable or safe, or have additives in that your skin doesn’t like and make them melt even hotter. So no, not the best.

Here’s a great infographic all about safe wax play:


Read it all but I’ve just nabbed the one about what to use:

Source @niki-smith

Amazon do a whole load of what they usually call Bondage Candles which are specifically low temperature, so that might be a good bet.

Lovehoney do a cute little vanilla scented candle in a tub, like tealights, that’s designed for this too – so you can light it, have the room smelling nice, and it pools up the wax ready for you to dribble it on your partner if things go that way, very cool… hot, okay, just the right temperature 😛 

Oh and it’s EDIBLE too. So yes, pour it on, lick it off! I’ll leave you to think of the possibilities.

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