Incase anyone is wondering, being a parent whilst participating in an orgasm denial challenge is like wearing an invisible chastity belt. I’m feeling so horny but there’s nothing I can do because despite being up since 5.30am, my almost 3-year-old has refused a nap. I am devastated. I was really hoping to edge this afternoon whilst they napped 🙁

Since I can’t do anything else i’m having a think about what toys I can add to my collection. I’m leaning more towards either a suction cup dildo, larger buttplug or clit pump. Any ideas?

I’ve also had a lot of new followers, hi and thank you to you all! Knowing that there’s so many of you now watching to see how I get on with the juNO challenge is really encouraging me not to fail. It’s frustratingly horny but i’m loving it so far. Any questions feel free to ask!

I love how real you are T&D. I’ll see what ideas I can come up with (we’ve got kids so I totally know about interruptions…)

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