Serious question guys.

Why do you all want to send me pictures of your junk? Every day I get guys either asking if they can send me a picture of their dick or they don’t ask and simply send it.


What do you get out of it?

Does it turn you on?

Do you think it will turn me on?

Do you think I’ll want to sleep with you?

What? I really want to know.

I can answer that.

It’s because of a fairy tale we’re all told as kids. Only the boys, never the girls.

The Tale of the Magic Junk

I can’t recite it here because girls might read it but,  long story short, we all believe we have a magic penis. 

I’ve said too much already, but that’s why.

Clearly guy’s don’t all have magic penises. 

I reckon it’s more like one in ten of us.

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