Second edge:

Tomorrow I’ll probably post these together, but for now I’m excited, so I’m posting as I go.

My second edge was in my boss’s bathroom. We just got back from work and stopped at her house for a quick drink. I kept looking at the time knowing that I had 2 edges left.

I went into the bathroom and pulled my pants down, sat down and spread my legs wide. I knew feeling exposed would get me where I needed to go mentally.

At first I tried rubbing my clit slowly, but I knew she would say something about how long I’d been in the bathroom if I took too long. (I took a picture flashing my tits in there before, so I knew she would know something was up and make fun of me.) I got nervous so I just said fuck it and rubbed my clit hard and fast so I wouldn’t lose my nerve. It didn’t take long before I had to hold back because I felt the gush of liquid coming. I made it just in time.

I still have one edge left to go before I go to sleep.

Impressive commitment, Sag! (Yes, I feel I know you well enough from your posts to give you a nickname already!)

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