Well there’s a whole lot of things in there to unpack…

Cal’s Curse or any hypno needs multiple listens, so next time, give the cat some dindins before you start. 

But hypno is just one aspect of it. The biggest non-sexual challenge, but also benefit of denial is the self-control it requires. 

There’s a few fixes for that. ‘Soft edges’ where you never take yourself too close can be very effective. For others who can’t cum or find it hard to cum from penetration, start off with vibes and clit play but move to just fucking at the end and you’ll be able to really go for it but without the risk of going over.

Good to hear you use masturbation to help with periods. It’s one of those things that works wonderfully for some women but makes it worse for others. The orgasm part often isn’t necessary though, a hard edge can be as good or better. Being super horny and on edge makes a lot of other ailments go away (anyone notice if you have a cough you often stop while edging?). Orgasms can actually bring it all back but taking you back down. So try not cumming, it’s often even better!

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