We argued about it a lot. “I can’t cum from penetration only!”

“Yes you can,” he’d say while I was in tears.

“Please, please let me cum.”

“Oh sweetie, of course you can cum. You just can’t touch your clit.”

“But I can’t cum like this!!!”

The mind fuck was sometimes more than I could bear. I would cry, and beg, and fuck myself as hard as I could, but nothing would happen, and I’d be more turned on than ever.

It was perfect.

But yesterday, I don’t know what happened. The same mindfuck again, of fucking but not touching my aching, desperate clit. Maybe it was the position. Maybe I was especially horny. Maybe I finally found my g-spot.

“Oh my god. Sir, I think I might actually cum from this.”

“If you go over, what do you do?”

I wanted to cry when he asked that question.

“Ruin it, Sir.”

“That’s right.”

And I did – amazingly, I did. I slipped over the edge, from only penetration, and I pulled out and ruined it.

“Good girl. You first vaginal orgasm. Ruined. Now do it again.”

And again.

“Please Sir, can I touch my clit now”, I begged after three ruins.

“No. You just proved you don’t need your clit anymore.”

I started to argue, but he shushed me.

“Learn to edge well like this, fucktoy. I think it’s all I let you have all week.”

It’s sometimes more than I can bear.

It’s perfect.

True story. So well told.

I’m so proud.

Squirting next…

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