Raymond became so obsessed with winning the big teddy bear for his girlfriend that he completely missed the fact she was no longer watching his pretty pathetic attempts to knock down all the cans. It was only with his last dollar he managed to win the big prize. He could have bought it for half of what he’d spent.

Bored and horny, Tiffany had found something else to entertain her. The carny had offered her 10 cents for every guys she’d kiss. Before she knew it she found herself asking, ‘And how much if I let them fuck me?’

Turned out it was 50 cents on the dollar. With the guys already forming a queue it would be a busy evening. The busty assistant whose night just got a lot easier helped Tiff get ready.

‘What, what about me?’ stuttered Raymond, horrified when he found her (although the tent in his pants told another story).

The carny handed him a ticket, ‘You wait your turn, but here’s a free ticket, I’ll look after the bear’.

Raymond looked in desperation at the ticket in his hand as he walked to the end of the snaking queue. It simply read #251

What a way to lose his virginity.

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