Thank you, I of course agree. I haven’t heard back from Strawberry about sharing the chat log but if she doesn’t make any kind of effort to reply I think I’ll do it anyway as I am after all defending myself from allegations of abuse (even if one was to a fictional character).

E’s appreciation is shown in that blog post I cited from here and if you search there’s others too. Last she told me she was edging 4-6 times a day and loved it. Had no interest at all in want to be able to orgasm. Awesome, and so fucked up. 

My friend who writes the Brand New in Box blog (I cofounded that to help her and others with anorgasmia in my own unique way) was another inspiration for the story I told Strawberry. She has a much more mature approach to what is in reality a complex problem that many struggle with. My personal attitude however has been anyone unable to cum, who writes to the owner of an orgasm DENIAL blog asking for help, is often wanting something more than just being ‘cured’. 

It was clear, even from Strawberry’s initial reaction to the story that she was prone to emotional swings, and you can see in her blog how that progressed over the last week. But our chat literally goes from a normal conversation last night to ‘

I’m terrible, now go fuck yourself, you piece of shit’ this morning. I’d love to know what went on in between to cause that and this tirade.

However, with the fact that I have every word I’ve written to her as evidence I’m actually kind of enjoying the shitstorm. I’m just a great big troll at heart.

It’s sad really, I think she writes so nicely, and clearly denial had given her something new to be excited about. I’ve reached out despite her vitriol but I just don’t know her well enough to have an insight into what’s triggered this.

However, on the plus side, ‘Psychotic maniac on tumblr hypnotizes and abuses his victims. For real.’ will, I suspect, be my favourite tumblr post title of all time. Even if it’s about me…

All I can say is, be careful what you wish for. I might give it to you.

For real.

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