Tonight, a very dear Dom friend offered me an edging test prior to constructing an edging task or challenge.  

It was with actual fear and trepidation that I fully embraced his test.  Am I ever glad I accepted the test.  

I’ve never been too keen on anal sex.  Lots of reasons for that, mainly bad associations from things long ago.  His test involved anal masturbation for 10 minutes with a well-lubed vibrator.  

The first 3 minutes were rather difficult, especially since I’d never deliberately inserted something *into* my ass!  After I stood up and got the angle right, and gently forced the vibrator into my ass, I felt a ‘pop’ as it moved inside.  Initially, it was uncomfortable and felt weird.  Then, since I was using my rabbit vibrator as instructed, I started feeling the rabbit teasing the outside of my vagina.  

Now, I’ve been edging for 8 freakin’ days … and my pussy has been dripping wet and tingling almost the entire time.  My arousal level has been off the charts.  Suddenly, I was distracted by my aroused pussy and began stroking my clit with my other hand while continuing to push the vibrator in and out of my ass.  

The 10 minutes passed so quickly that I was genuinely surprised when the alarm set on my phone sounded the end of the 10 minutes.  I also began wondering if it were possible (for me) to orgasm from anal stimulation only.  A completely new thought … 

Who knew that #juNO30days would not only open the magical, diabolical doorway to #orgasm denial and lead me to fuck my ass with a vibrator?  I bet James of @female-orgasm-denial knew it was possible!!!  Oh, the ways of naive submissives.

P.S. I passed the test!

Denial is the gateway drug of kink, leading you all kinds of wonderful places! Well done letting yourself explore and see what else your amazing body can do!

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