This post seems very appropriate for International Women’s Day:

Source: @grumpy2017​ (which is a genuinely funny vanilla chastity caption blog if you’re into all that).

So hints and advice? EASY!

Buy one of these:

Let someone you love and trust lock your penis in it like this:


If you fancy a metal one (which are better but the plastic ones give you a load of different size options so are a good start) then there are some good reviews here:

We have several of those and they are a lot of fun. And yes, you can totally enjoy the mind fuck of a cock cage as a dom. I find it makes me extra dommy but also forces me to focus on intimacy with my wife which she loves too. And of course you can mix ‘dual denial’ into the picture and both being denied and going nuts for it. It’s like being horny teens again (although some of you won’t appreciate what it’s like NOT to be a horny teen, I know…)

Please God let this appear in searches for International Women’s Day…

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