I’ve grown up in a brown household where not only is sex taboo to talk about, but periods are even considered so gross that women are sometimes shunned from dinner tables for having them. So I was both shocked and flattered to know it didn’t bother him at all. But since I grew up that way, it’s hard for me to think of anyone going near that area, that time of moth, without it feeling a little uncomfortable and weird.

My question is: Where do you stand on this, and what are some ways I could embrace this? It’s actually a huge turn on for me that someone wouldn’t see that as a barrier of any sort. And now I’m wondering what would happen if I did manage to find a real life partner with the same open-minded attitude. Thanks!

What a great, and important question. 

Periods are a pain in the arse. And that’s coming from someone whose full extent of impact is that I’ll get a blow job or fuck my wife in the arse when she’s on hers. I know, male fucking entitlement right.

So, as to your question, there are a few things I can suggest. Firstly is the shower is your best friend here. Practically, if we do have period sex that’s almost always where we have it. Because it’s perfect. You get those cute pink trails down her legs as I fuck her and finally it mixes with cum. Yummy, almost artistic. 

So that’s where I’d start, edging and finger fucking yourself in the shower. Personally, I’d also try the bath, I have no qualms about sitting in hot, soapy bloody water but I’m sure others will.

Another twist lots of denial sluts enjoy is actually using it as a time you can’t touch. Or even only being allowed anal play during your period is an idea that many I’ve suggested it to find to be arousing. That last day of it, where you have to do a wipe test and if there’s the slightest hint of pink you’ve got another day’s no touch. Oh what erotic torture it is.

Really though, just kicking the stupid idea that it’s some kind of curse out of your headspace and being completely matter of fact about it will be an amazing breakthrough. Some find edging helps with their periods, others find emotionally and physically it makes it harder. Figure out what’s the case for you. Whichever is okay.

It is also my solemn duty to tell you about Moon Cups and their ilk because EVERY SINGLE TIME I post about periods I get lots of messages telling me I forgot. My wife has used them for years and for many they’re quite a gamechanger, so check them out.

I hope that helps,


PS Don’t wait for some sexting dude to tell you to finger yourself. Get horny, get some lube and get exploring. It’s your body, Have fun figuring out what it likes.

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