Last night, I got fucked so beautifully hard but I was instructed that I was not allowed to cum. He even pulled out right before I was about to and gently stroked my hair and tenderly kissed my face while I laid there, grinding my hips and so infuriated with him. Also, soaking wet. Then he put it back in and fucked me until he came, but just him. 

Today, he informs me I don’t have permission to cum unless he returns to a spotless house. 

Housewife fantasies? Orgasm denial? Fuck, how am I supposed to get anything done when all I want to do is hump the furniture I’m supposed to be dusting???

This sounds like heaven to me. A girl can dream for one day, right? @knowing-smile

@friedcherryblossomprincess @lezzysubby @lezzysgirl I’M HELPING

no banny, no you are not! 

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