We always try to strive to innovate here at female-orgasm-denial (even when you whine about the fonts in my lovingly crafted cheesy captions).


Hidden back in my archives is a post into which I’ve placed a Treasure Chest (the crowd goes woooo). (It’s a big picture, you won’t miss it).

If you’re the first to find it and send me an ask with the correct link, you get to cum!

The rules are you must be edging while searching, and if you don’t find it you’re not allowed to cum today at the very least! And if you’ve been told you can’t cum, you can’t play, sorry, but you know it makes sense. You can always beg them to let you play along.

Let’s see how long it takes you lot to find this (oh and denial bitches, you should totally play and steal their orgasm!).

Ready? Edgey! GO!

G marks the spot! (That’s not a clue, although if you like this I might do riddles next time).

PS If while you’re searching you find some cool posts that you think I should reblog or add to my favourites tab, please send them to me in an ask with a little bit on why you like it.

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