The Orgasm Denial Survey 2015

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For a little blog only started earlier this year for a few friends into denial, it’s remarkable that we’re about to hit 4,000 followers next week! So firstly, thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and sent in asks and contributed and enjoyed, I wouldn’t have been interested in doing any of this if it wasn’t for you, my wonderful, horny followers.

More than that, somehow we’re now ranked FIRST on Google when anyone searches for ‘Female Orgasm Denial’ and on the first page for just ‘Orgasm Denial’, which means we’re getting hundreds and hundreds of new visitors every day learning about this wonderful kink who have just been curiously searching for stuff online. Amazing.

All this has got me to thinking that perhaps I should have higher ambitions for what we can achieve with the blog – after all, this kink, in my opinion, is one of the most positive and sexy ones around. It’s something you can do completely safely, just by yourself. But more than that, it requires you to use and develop great self control, and is incredibly useful for helping you learn about your body and exploring and understanding your sexual side.

So, I’d really need your help. I want to learn more about the followers and readers of this blog. So I’ve created, what is probably the world’s first ‘Orgasm Denial Survey’.

I promise you now, this is like no other survey you have EVER seen. I’ve worked hard to make it good fun to complete, and more than that, it has optional denial instructions as you go through it if you’re in the mood to follow them!

What’s more there’s a reward – I’ve made a new, simple, but wicked, denial spinner that you get as a link upon completion of the survey.

Two things – firstly it’s COMPLETELY anonymous. There’s nothing in it asking your identity and I’ll amalgamate the results before I report them back to this blog. Secondly, it’s all optional. You can skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering. I’d rather have some answers than none!

So, having read all that, here’s the link, and thank you, filling it out means a lot to me! And yes, it’s FOR YOU. Whatever your reason for reading this today, I’d love to get your input (it’s also quite fun, I think I mentioned that!)

Thank you for making the blog better!

And for my deaf readers…


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