…there was a little girl. And when the little girl began to be a woman she discovered it felt very nice when she played between her legs. She would spend all day playing sometimes, because for some reason she never felt like she wanted to stop.

You see, this was a very special little girl, who had fallen under a wicked spell that would, for some unexplained reason, never let her climax. And so when she began to touch herself it became a quest, to find that thing that was lost, only, for the longest time, she didn’t know she was even looking!

Eventually the girl talked to others and realised she was different. All the other girls had a lovely feeling that finished their playtime! But poor her, no matter how hard she tried (and she tried very hard indeed!) she was always left wanting more.

Later she learnt that boys have a magic wand and she hoped and hoped that when she got hold of one of them it would let her find her treasure. Imagine her disappointment and frustration when all she got was messy!

One day she heard about a wizard who would impart this very trait upon women, to take away their climaxes, because they, and he, loved it. Surely he, an expert in this precious gift, might advise her on how to find her own?

Nervously she entered his castle and couldn’t stop wriggling in her seat with excitement as he assured her he knew just how to give her what she sought so desperately.

Her hope was kindled as he took her hand, and led her up to the highest tower, whispering promises of undiscovered pleasure when finally he’d give her what she was looking for.

But through the bars on the door he whispered with a smile, ‘But why would I ever do that, my wonderful princess? You’re perfect, just the way you are. Here you are, and here you’ll stay, until I’ve had my fill of you and your glorious gift. And then, just perhaps, I’ll give you what you seek’.

And as she heard the key turn in the lock she sank into the big bed, a tear in her eye, her fingers automatically sliding down between her legs to begin their endless quest. And yet this time, it was different. She was no longer just different, she was special.


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