Once she was bound and gagged he picked up the book by the side of her bed. She’d told him about it in their chat of course. He could smell her on it, the crinkled, juice worn corners of the pages showing how often she’d got off to it.

He flicked through, looking at the girls in all kinds of uncomfortable bondage positions. ‘This is you now, fuck toy.’ he told her. ‘My little bondage puppet. I’m going to do all this to you, think on that. And you can forget about cumming again, the one I walked in on and ruined was your last.’

But then, to her horror, he went back to the bedside table, and started exploring in the hidden recess under the drawers.

‘Now that’s the book you told me about, I wonder what else I might find that you haven’t told me about?’

She went completely still and silent as his fingers found her most secret journal, filled with her darkest, most forbidden fantasies.

He smiled, as he pulled it out, standing, running his finger over the cover. ‘Whatever I find in here, I’m doing to you too. And there’s nothing you can do about it.’

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