OMG this is adorable! It’s begging for a caption!  It’ll be my first male denial caption for this blog but hey, I know some of you lot will love it!

‘I want to try something new tonight darling,’ Christina shared over dinner. From the look in his eyes he clearly hoped that might mean she’d let him out of the cock cage that evening, it was five days since his last edging session.

He was right. He ended up strapped to the spare bed, gagged and blindfolded but sure enough she unlocked the cage and brought out something new, a square wooden board with a hole in the centre.

Just as she slid him through the hole the doorbell rang. ‘Oh perfect timing!’ she declared and went to the door, leaving him there, helpless, exposed and unable to see.

His wife’s heels clicked up the hallway and he heard not one voice but two as she came back, a muffled giggle that wasn’t hers put his heart in his mouth.

‘Sweetie’ she said, ‘Suzy next door has got her first boyfriend and I promised to teach her some tricks to keep him well behaved.’

‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed the teenager, ‘look how much bigger he’s getting!’

‘Really, they come a lot bigger than this,’ Christina confided. ‘My first lover was nearly twice this size. But of course bigger isn’t always better,’ she added, before whispering sotto voce, ‘Or that’s what we tell them’.

Both of them laughed as she handed Suzy some long satin gloves.

‘Big or small, they still all think with them. Which means you can control them through it too. Here, put these on and you can play with it if you want.’ 

An hour’s torment and teasing and penis bondage later Suzy gave a man her first ruined orgasm and her happy ‘Yes!’ was met with Christina’s delighted applause.

‘I think you’re a natural!’ she declared. ‘Let’s get a drink and I’ll tell you how to talk him into a cage into the first place. Has your boyfriend gone down on you yet by the way?’

‘You mean they go down… on us?’ Suzy asked, surprised.

‘Oh sweetie, I have so much to teach you,’ replied Christina, taking her by the hand and leading her to the kitchen.

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