Dear Ms Grey Face (yup, I’m taking a wild stab at you being a girl),

Firstly – thank you for sending me what I’m pretty sure is my first piece of “hate” mail.

All I’m getting from it though is insecure, immature and unfounded jealousy.

I will answer your question though…. female-orgasm-denial is a wonderful man and someone I consider to be a dear friend. I’m pretty sure he “loves on” my blog ‘cos it’s hot and he’s got great taste 🙂

So, firstly, wow… I don’t know whether to be horrified or just laugh at how pathetic that bit of hate mail to my lovely friend Lusty was. 

Whoever sent that, please feel free to leave my blog and never come back, I can only assume you’re underage, you’re certainly acting (and write) like a 12 year old little bitch.

The reason ‘everyone loves her’ is because she’s smart, sexy, beautiful and works hard to provide this community with some of the loveliest erotic and denial focused images on Tumblr. The reason no one apparently loves you is because you are a jealous little leach who contributes nothing but hate. I truly hope you change because otherwise you have a sad, lonely life ahead of you.

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