Once the burn was good enough, I pulled out my vibrating dildo and used it on my clit. I got to a soft edge, and then stopped myself. At this point my pussy was leaking and I just had to stick that dildo inside me. So I lubed that dildo up and thrust it all the way in. God it felt amazing! I started with short, hard strokes and was quickly overcome with pleasure. I tried furiously to rub my clit, but the lube and my juices were everywhere! My fingers couldn’t get any traction!

Frustrated, I pulled out the dildo and tried to vibe my clit. However, the warmth of my pussy had made the dildo too flaccid so it also had no traction. My pussy couldn’t stand being empty so I stuck the dildo back inside myself. This back and forth went on for almost 10 min, with me begging to orgasm from the pounding I was giving myself. Alas, I had to pull out the dildo and accept that I wasn’t going to orgasm. In the end, all I got was lube and pussy juice coating my inner thighs.

Wow, thank you anon, what a wonderful account.

Coated Thighs? That’s not all you got… This is going to make you ache for more and more of the same. This is just the beginning. For you, and others you’ve inspired. Thank you.

(Also, self denying dildos, loving that!)

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