Get informed, get horny, get relaxed, give it a go.

Get informed by making sure you understand how your body works, reading up on your hymen on here and elsewhere for example

Then get yourself really horny by edging a lot, thinking about fucking watching porn of it, aching to have something inside you.

Then get really comfortable, a warm bath or cosy in bed. Somewhere you have privacy and time to do this.

And then begin to explore, just with fingers first, nails cut so they don’t scratch. Spread your legs wide, edge at the same time, so rub your clit with one hand and finger yourself with the other. Just get curious, and feel sexy as you do it. It’s your body, get to know it.

Slip a finger in, keep edging hard and while fingering might hurt a little, that will be negated by the pleasure so it’s a great combination.

If you can get any a bit of lube, or KY jelly or even unperfumed lotion on your fingers will again make it feel even better.

Once you can comfortably fuck with one finger work up to a couple of them.

Fingering like this rarely feels THAT good because for most women the real pleasure point inside you is your g-spot and that’s a bit too deep in to reach by yourself with your own fingers. Which is why you want to work up to using a slim dildo or a DIY equivalent

You’ll know you’ve got to your g-spot because it’ll feel odd at first, and you might feel a little urge to pee but do NOT back off, keep at that and soon it will start to feel amazing, it’s kinda like your clit but inside and can be treated more roughly (it’s designed for a cock to be pounded back and forth over it…).

But that’s for later, for now, take it slowly, have fun, get really horny before you do anything, don’t worry about it hurting too much, when you’re on the edge, it all feels good.

Let us know how you get on!


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