I’m waiting for my dom to come back, and I’m going insane. He told me that I’m not allowed to use my vibe, but that’s so hard. I just want to be disobedient and use it, but I can’t! That’s so fucked up, I just can’t be disobedient. I can turn the vibe on, and even hold it above my clit, but I can’t move it those final millimetres. My hands just won’t do what I want. God, I just want to edge. I can’t focus on anything else, I should probably distract me, but all I can think of is my vibe, which is lying on my tummy right now. It’s nearly like it’s watching me, begging to finally be used on my aching clit. I’m sorry, little vibe, I want to use you, I really really want to, but this bastard won’t let me. 

I know that James will love this when he’s reading it. How did he even do this?? Maybe he hypnotised me without me noticing. Maybe he just made me forget it. Or maybe he has a secret magical remote, with which he can control my hands. Fucking hands. I just want to edge… With my vibe… Maybe it would help if I break something, just to let out all that frustration. 

Of course it isn’t helpful that I can’t stop browsing my favourite porn blogs. I’m so horny… I know this feeling of not being able to cum without hearing a yes, but not being able to use a fucking vibe??? That’s new for me, and I hate it. And love it, a little bit. But I hate it more, I guess… I’m going to break something now, bye cruel Sir.

I’d mentioned recently that my wonderful German sub, Diva, was hoping to start her own blog, and I’m delighted to be able to reblog one of her first posts to announce it’s arrival!

Do check it out – as there’s already some great captions she’s been working on and an insight into what she’s been discovering about being an ‘Alpha sub’.

I’m very proud!

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