Thank you so much, that really means so much to me. 

Honestly I can never truly put myself in the shoes of someone who struggles with all the challenges of gender identity. But I do my best to just try and make sure everyone feels loved and accepted for who they are.

But also, I not try to make too big a thing of it, keep it in perspective, which I think is so hard for many in the midst of figuring out who they are. It can be overwhelming, but it’s so important to realise that yes, it’s a thing, a big thing in your life, but it’s not everything. In fact it’s only as you learn to focus on the making the rest of your life rounded and fulfilling, that you can really figure out who you are.

It’s not just gender identity though, I hope the same is true for sexual identity, and more than that, just how you see yourself.

We love to put ourselves, and others in boxes. ‘This is who I am’, ‘This is who they are’ but nothing is ever that simple. And one of the wonderful things about edging and denial is the way it opens you up, sexually, emotionally, some would even say spiritually, to caring much less about boxes, and seeing yourself and others in a new light.

It’s not called ‘self love’ for nothing.

Then again maybe I just love keeping you all horny and wet and that’s all bullshit.

Much love, 


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