It’s late Thursday night/ Friday morning. After my morning with daddy, I was technically good on edges for the day but my pussy is getting greedy.

Rubbing my clit is starting to hurt again… but eventually I no longer care. I didn’t keep track of the number of edges (like 4 I think) but I ended with a ruin…

And I’m wide awake now. I don’t know if I can do this. It’s not even 1/3 through June and I didn’t start edging till the 4th (though no orgasms 1st-3rd anyway).

I’ve made it a week before with multiple edges per day. I’ve made it 2 weeks with one edge per day and/or no touch…

But I think it’s the time frame in front of me that’s making this different. It’s like every time I edge all I can think about is how far away that orgasm is….

I like being a good girl but, to follow a role model’s advice, I try to always follow the submissive prime directive: always protect the property even from the owner and the property.

I think I’m still ok right now (I think right now I’m just wound up from the ruin), but if it gets bad, I’ll stop and maybe re start and work my way up to lasting 30….

You’re doing very well, but do just listen to yourself and your body. Take it easy, maybe take a day off if you need to and see how that helps.

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