‘What’s your New Year’s resolution?’

It’s a question many of us will be asked today – so if you want a fun excuse to introduce denial to your friends, here’s a good reply.

‘I’m giving up orgasms! I’m seeing how long I can go without them.’

‘What?! Why the hell would you do that?’  they’ll probably reply in some form or another.

‘Well, have you heard about edging? It’s all the rage. You get this ongoing high which is even better than orgasms, apparently.

And you go from there. You talk about seeing a denial challenge, or hearing about how super models edge before they go on the catwalk or about this website, ‘edging.space’ (a much less scary URL to share than the full tumblr one) which has tens of thousands of followers.

And then you say, ‘So yeah, I’m going to try it, sounds hot and a good challenge to start the year. Want to try it too? I bet I can go longer than you.’

And if they don’t, that’s cool . But you know how great edging is, don’t you. Share the gospel of edging, they’ll be grateful you did.

edging.space – making the world a better place, one edge at a time

Happy New Year everyone, I’ll be back to posting regularly this week, and we’ll finally have the Denial Survey ready for you to get your hands on I hope.

Much love,

James xx

PS The basic rules of a New Year’s denial challenge would be, if you asked me, a minimum of two edges a day, that if you go over the edge you ruin it, and to spend every day looking on tumblr for a new idea to try each day (the Advent Challenge obviously has lots).

Don’t forget the Christmas Denial Challenge: https://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/post/154769862434/the-christmas-denial-challenge

Or JuNO for other ideas: https://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/post/161322389123/juno-30-days-of-denial-challenge

Oh and if you’re going ‘Orgasm Free’ for 2018, let us know, we’ll be cheering you on.

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