Orgasm Denial Day 2:
Pussy is sensitive and throbbing from yesterday. Direct clit stimulation until I was on the edge of having an orgasm 4 times before 8AM. Each 4 times taking me around 8 minutes to reach the edge of orgasm. Then read an article and listened to hypnosis to try to learn how to self control my orgasm. Went back to playing with my clit right after and was able to last 18 minutes before this euphoria came over me and made me want to finish so bad but I couldn’t. It was the most intense feeling of wanting to cum so badly to the point that my legs and body were shaking with every single touch to throbbing clit. I kept edging and told myself that I was going to give in and cum, this lasted for 45 minutes until I just stopped rubbing. I could not cum even though I wanted to! Omg I want to cum sooooo badly now and I’ve never been so horny and wet in my life. Holy fuck

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