Soo, I finally managed to start writing a task for you. It’s the first task I’m writing, so sorry in advance if something might not work out well.

The rules:

  • You are not allowed to touch anything if I didn’t tell you to. So no matter how badly you want to touch your clit, you can’t until you read the words “touch your clit”. 
  • If you slip over the edge while doing this you have to stop immediately and you are on no touch for the rest of the day. Repeat the task the next day. 
  • You are not allowed to cum during this task, maybe you’ll get a chance next week.

So, all you need for this task is a mirror and your hands. No toys needed. I want you to start dressed. Wear your sexiest underwear and put on a top and some pants. You need to feel comfortable for this, so if you want to and have time for it do your hair and put on some make up. Doesn’t have to be much, just so that you feel pretty.

Okay, let’s start this.

Stand in front of the mirror. Just look at you, try to find the bits you love most. Now concentrate on them while you slowly start to strip. Move like you want to seduce your reflection. Start with your top, run your hands over your body, over your stomach, over your breasts. Imagine someone watches you, and you’re arousing them with what you’re doing. They can’t take their eyes off you. Take your time to explore how your hands feel on your skin, and how running your hands over it makes you feel. After you took of your top, undo your pants, and slowly move your hips while losing them. Don’t stop looking at you, see how sexy you are. 

Continue running your hands over your skin, over your breasts, between your legs, don’t stop touching your body. Feel how soft your skin is, how wonderful the touch of your hands feel and how your clit gradually wants more attention. No, you don’t get to touch it, not yet. Take one finger and begin to draw a line at the edge of your panties. How near yet how far away your finger is from the sweet spot between your legs… 

Take your bra off now and start to slowly draw circles around your breasts with your fingers. Start really wide, and bit by bit start to make them smaller and smaller until your fingers are nearly touching your nipples. Don’t touch them, just draw circles around the edges of your nipples. Do this until you really can’t wait any longer to finally touch them, then pinch them once. Hard. Back to drawing circles. Do 10 slow circles, then pinch your nipples again, even harder. Now do 5 circles before you pinch them again. Continue with 3 slow circles, then 2 and then one. You can play with your nipples now. Oh, does it feel really good? Mhm I guessed that… 

Kneel down and spread your legs, try to copy the pose from the girl in the picture. Now move both hands down to your legs, and start stroking your thighs, up and down, very slowly. Feel how it makes your clit tingle even more, how desperate it is now. And you didn’t even touch it yet…. Just imagine how good it would feel to touch it while you stroke your thighs. How those fingers would feel on it, pressing on it, drawing circles or just rubbing it hard. But maybe I just won’t let you, maybe this task will end as soon as you removed your panties and you just have to watch as the wetness runs down your legs, wishing you could touch.

Aww, you really want to touch it? You’re so cute! Okay, take one finger and start to lightly touch your pussy through your panties. Draw the line of your slit with your finger, up and down, up and down. No, don’t press it on, I know you want to, but you’re not allowed to yet. Now back to stroking your thighs, get near the edge of your panties, and away again. Repeat this a few times, then start to pull your panties down, until you can see your pussy in the mirror. Look at it and know that thousands of men would give everything to see you like this. To see you kneeling there, naked but of those panties around your thighs, desperate to finally touch your clit. Now look into your eyes and start to rub your clit. Slowly, slowly, don’t overdo it. You can have 10 cirlces on it, you decide how fast and hard. Now move your hands to your nipples and pinch them, rub them, twist them to the point of hurting. Feel how every touch makes you want to touch your clit even more. Slide one hand down to your pussy and slip one finger inside your pussy. No, you are not allowed to touch your clit now. Don’t move your finger, just feel how warm and wet it is. Leave it there for 10 more seconds, then slip it out and lick it clean.

Lose your panties completely and get a timer of some kind, either use your phone or a stop watch or an internet timer. Set it to 2 minutes. I will soon allow you to touch as much as you want during those 2 minutes. If you manage to get to the edge in those 2 minutes, lucky you. If not you’ll be punished.

Start the timer now.

Good girl, really work this cunt. Harder, little fucktoy. You only have 2 minutes. You won’t get another chance to edge today. If you reach the edge before the timer is over don’t stop rubbing. Try to ride the edge, I didn’t allow you to stop before the timer is done.

Timer’s done? If you reached the edge, well done! Set the timer to 15 minutes, you can edge as much as you want during those 15 minutes. No cumming for you. Complete 5 edges each day from now on until the next task is posted.

If you didn’t reach the edge, here’s your punishment: Smack your pussy 20 times hard. Make it hurt. You are on no touch for the rest of the day. Complete 5 edges tomorrow and repeat the task the day after tomorrow. You will repeat this until you manage to get to the edge in those 2 minutes, or until the next task is posted. You can send me a message, asking for a personal punishment too, but it will probably be worse than only 20 pussy smacks.

So, I hoped you liked the first task! Feedback is always welcome, let me know how the task made you feel, and if it worked for you.


Diva’s been adding some lovely tasks, random and also weekly, to her blog, so I’m going to start reposting them here for you guys to enjoy too!

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