Nobody knew her secret, everyone just saw the hugely talented musican, practising 7 hours a day, playing concerts for thousands of people, being strong, being perfect. If they knew what a slut she was, doing every performance with both her holes stuffed, arousal gel rubbed all over her clit and nipples, her panties soaked to the point of dripping. She had to wear 3 pairs of panties for a concert, or she would leave puddle under her, and a wet trail behind her after thirty minutes. 

She had never cum in her whole life, it was what kept her energised and focused. All the unspent energy needed to go somewhere, and she found that music was her best way of letting it out. And it gave her music something wonderful special too.

When she played everything else went silent, and everyone who heard her believed that all their problems were solved, and that there wasn’t anything to worry about. For her it was the best thing in her life. Just letting go, and focus on nothing else than her throbbing clit, and pouring this into her play. Nobody knew why she could fascinate every single person with her instrument, and they’d never know.

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