Hi anon,

This is kind of a tricky one because you can sort of get into that trap of not actually enjoying cumming when you are able to. And my advice is to really work hard to not feel guilty about it. You can ALWAYS go longer, you could ALWAYS deny yourself harder, but orgasms are great too! And in part we celebrate them on this blog by making them something even more special, by making them rarer.

Yes, the actual effects of edging are amazing, that constant feeling of arousal,the positive impact on your mood, how it can add more intimacy and fun to relationships. But that doesn’t mean orgasms are bad, as I often say, ‘Cumming is good, but not cumming is better’. 

Both are good, so don’t feel bad when you’ve earned that orgasm, enjoy it to the full, be proud of yourself. Because denial can start again the moment it stops…

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