We’re sitting on the couch. You’re naked, your legs spread, absentmindedly playing with your plug as we watch Netflix.

I look over and reach between your legs, my fingers testing your wetness. You let out an involuntary moan – you haven’t cum in weeks, and lately it feels like you’re constantly on edge.

“Good little slut.” You moan slightly as you feel my fingers pulling away, but you know what’s next, and you open your mouth, licking your juices from my fingers.

I unzip my pants, stepping out of them. “Bend over for me, little girl.” You dutifully comply.

I bury my cock to the hilt in your dripping pussy with one quick thrust and hold you there. You moan and writhe against it, but before you can even get used to the sensation of having a cock in your pussy for the first time in weeks, I pull out again.

Before you can protest, you feel the plug sliding out of your ass, and smile as you feel it being replaced with my cock.

“Well look at you, slut. You’re your own lube dispenser.” Your cheeks burn red, but the words send lightning bolts to your untouched clit. You let out another moan as you feel my cock begin to slide in and out of you.

“Now now, don’t get too excited. What do we say?”

Your breath hitches in your chest as my cock thrusts deep into your ass. “Good…Girls…Never…Cum…” you manage between thrusts.

“Good girl.” You feel my cock spasm inside you, cum spurting into your ass. I let out a moan as I make one final thrust, then withdraw.

You’re only empty for a moment before you feel the plug back at your entrance. You whimper and writhe as it fills you.

Every inch of you feels like it’s on fire. Your pussy is a river. And yet, as you curl up and go back to watching the screen, you feel more fulfilled than you ever have.

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