First of all, James, if you’re reading this please stop reading and talk to me first! I need to tell you something…

My dreams today were very weird. I remember one dream in particular, and I don’t quite know what to think of it. My dreams are usually weird, I just have a little messed up brain when it comes to dreams, but this one was different. I think I had a ruined orgasm in it…

Background story: James told me a while ago that we have a new rule, the stuffed Thursday rule. He wanted me to sleep stuffed every Thursday. Sadly we both forgot about that rule, so I only did it once. Yesterday I remembered, and as a little ‘make up’ for it I slept with the dildo in my pussy. I took it out in the middle of the night, because it made me wake up all the time, and I hate waking up all the time.

Well, and this morning I remembered my weird dream. I was on a huge playground with a few friends, and we were about to slide down a huge slide. When my turn arrived I suddenly felt an immense need to pee. Of course I couldn’t pee there in the slide, so I clenched down hard, and this pushed me over the edge. I felt my pussy having those orgasm spasms, and then I thought ‘oh, a ruined orgasm’.

It wasn’t a bad ruin, basically I was just feeling the spasms in my pussy, and I felt a bit warm and then it was over. So definitely not cruel. But why was the orgasm ruined?? I mean, I kind of like ruins, but if I had to choose I’d always choose the full orgasm! But my body obviously chooses the ruins. Or, maybe it’s just because I held back the urge to pee, which was actually the urge to squirt, which then ruined the orgasm because I didn’t squirt… Well, anyway, I’m kind of mad at my body to deny me full orgasms even in my sleep… It’s just a perfect denial slut body.

‘The perfect denial slut body’
It really is.
Trust me.

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