I’ve been on and off of denial for the past 2ish years…

What started it was being frustrated with taking forever to orgasm…then I came across tumblr and specifically @female-orgasm-denial. Oh My what a world opened for me! This led to me rewiring my brain from “why can’t I cum” to “I’m not ALLOWED to cum”, which then led to me aching like I’ve never ached before! 

It’s been amazing. My husband of 12 years knows about my tumblr “research” and has been very happy with the benefits. He has yet to become an active player in my play, but I just love he knows and approves. 

My last full orgasm was 2-3 months ago…I can’t even remember. Every time I’ve gone over since has been a ruin. I LOVE the ruins!!!! I’ve even found myself squirting (not a crazy big gush, but enough to know what it is) from them. The edging has been so centering. When my brain is spiraling with all the dumb things on my to do list, edging helps soooo much. It’s a weird type of therapy I’ve stumbled onto, but I’m so very glad I did.

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I’m so happy I could open up your world!

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