So after I figured out what an ‘I/gay’ was… (’Is that some gender thing I haven’t heard of, oh no you idiot, they’re two girls…’)

So, great you’re doing orgasm denial. It can be a tricky thing to get your head around… ‘why wouldn’t you want to cum?’ But we know, don’t we… I’m not quite sure why the request is a turn off, you could try asking directly, but also I prefer ‘showing’ than ‘telling…

I’d suggest the best way to deal with this is the old switcheroo. ‘I want you to know just how hot it is to want to have to ask to cum, can I show you?’ and then you slide down between her legs and go to town and do NOT let her cum. Maybe it’s just me but IMO this is the single best positon to edge a woman from. You can feel every little muscle tension that gives away that she’s about to cum. Seriously, my wife doesn’t know whether to be happy or cry when I go down on her during denial.

Anyway, back to you… so yes, get her to the point where she says ‘let me cum!’ and with what I’m sure is a very cheeky grin, just give her a ‘nope!’ and get back to it. Two or three times more and she’ll be losing it, and that’s the point you say, ‘See how hot it is to be kept like this?’ and once you get her admitting it, make her cum, a lot.

My main point is, just make it fun, help her understand why you want it, and more than just doing this, TALK. Create a private blog and repost some captions that turn you on and that she’ll not freak out over, play with her as you look at them.

Asking to cum is quite a big part of orgasm denial, but for her as the denier there are so many benefits – greater intimacy from you, the fun of having you horny and desiring her, the fact it makes you think about her all day, a huge desire to pleasure her, just as a start!

But for all that of course she just needs two things, to like hearing you ask…

…and to learn to say ‘no’.

You should show her this answer…

Be careful what you wish for!

Good girl (jk)

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