to start denial. She gave me your url and told me I’m on no touch till I see her in four days. I have to wear the butt plug for an hour everyday and watch porn naked before bed. Im a little nervous she might never let me cum like that again.

Well wow, how very exciting. Don’t be nervous, a big part of denial is the mindfuck. Just go with it, it sounds like she has a good plan for it all. Make sure to send her lots of messages telling her how horny you are and what it makes you want to do, to yourself and her. And tell her if you’re struggling too. You’re a denial baby (that sounds so wrong but I kinda like it).

Of course, it’s interesting your gf found this blog… I wonder how that happened (she’s a secret denial slut). Maybe there’s a secret desire to be denied there…(yes, yes there is). 

Once you’ve experienced its joys, you might just try whispering ‘how about I deny you too?’ (best whispered while you’re down between her legs, edging her, in my experience).

Do check our my denial for couples posts, lots of fun there! Plus there’s a denial dare game that you two will love at a guess.

Given how you opened your message I am now required by law to post the following gif:


For a surprisingly hot ass thumbing video check this out:

Apparently, ‘If you’re doing it right they bounce back’

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