‘Fear’ come on now, clearly you’re hoping that’ll happen. I know we are.

So, I always find staying at your SO’s parents is a great opportunity for having some secret fun. My wife and I still get up to hi-jinks when we are with the in-laws.

It sounds like you might not be sharing a room, in which case sexting each other while in the house is hot as fuck. I do so love texting my wife what I plan to do to her when I get her upstairs, right while we’re sitting with the family, and watching her try not to squirm.

She on the other hand can never get enough of whispering to me that she’s not wearing any panties under her skirt when we’re at the family dining table.

Another fun game is the secret task commands. This was more a game we played there pre-kids, you’ll see why. 

So unusual words I’d say meant she’d have to do things. e.g. ‘Rubbing’ – secretly hump something, ‘fingering’ (I play the guitar, so easy to get this in) meant she’d have to secretly touch herself under the table, ‘Footie’ – give me a foot job under the table, ‘Strip’ go to the bathroom take off her panties and hand them to me secretly when getting back, ‘edging’ – you can guess (I’d have lots of fun talking about the edging in the garden with them…) and the hardest – ‘ruined’ was to try and secretly ruin an orgasm right where we were! (If she wasn’t really on edge already, she’d disappear to the loo, get right to the edge and then ruin when she sat back down. SO HOT!)

Hope you find some inspiration!


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