I know, it looks like a compact with some lipstick in it! Cool isn’t it. That’s actually the little USB charger you just slip it into to charge wirelessly. But this little beast is one of the best vibes I’ve ever come across (and it’s only 3″ long). Introduced to me by the ever wonderful and glamorous Lusty Longing (who keeps it charging in her living room it looks so cute – she really likes having vibes charged and on hand around the house). Both Snowflake and Diva swear by them (and swear a lot at me when I make them use it certain ways).

I just looked it up on and found out it’s on sale from $70 (hmm, more like $50) to $27.32 right now, which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it! I’ve actually just looked it up on Lovehoney and it appears to have been replaced with a new one. So it may be it’s this cheap as they are selling them off.

So the Rocks Off 80mm USB vibe is a great vibe for denial because it’s remarkably powerful, quiet, and has some fucking evil vibration patterns that are brilliant for teasing. The 3:1 pattern is just torment, slipped against your clit, held in place by some tight panties – marvellous.


It’s even on Amazon Prime for those of you who want it REALLY fast! But on that note, if they really are selling them off you should get this sooner rather than later. 

Check it out here

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