My fantasy is a world where the upper class has all the privilege and the lower class is subordinate to them. I’m a lower class woman and until we marry and are owned we’re only allowed to wear skimpy underwear in public. Any infractions on a long list of rules results in being tied up in public for the upper class to use as they wish. They are also allowed to grope/use us any time they like in public, and they take full advantage. We are only allowed to orgasm at their hands and they like to keep us desperate so we can’t fight back. In the fantasy I was a member of a resistance group but we were betrayed and I was given a drug which keeps me horny and unable to orgasm at all times. I am never allowed clothes and considers public property. Every third day I spend 12 hours in the public stocks being used and the rest of the time I am given out by lottery to high ranking upper class people. Even other lower class people have the right to use me and they often take out their frustrations on me.

I love the detail in this, vive la resistance!

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