Thank you @female-orgasm-denial

Hello you may call me Queen I have created a game for myself to play to make my Christmas extra fun for me and my followers!
Including today there are 4 days until Christmas is over. Each day starting now I will choose four different points during the day to have edging sessions, I will roll a pair of dice before and allow the number to decide how many edges I must complete in no more than one hour. I will make a post with a day of the week , time of edges, amount on dice and a little blurb of how I’m feeling.
At midnight December 26th I will roll a pair of dice, to recieve orgasm I must get snake eyes. (Two ones) if I get anything else I must edge the number on the dice, and if I get any other pair I must ruin an orgasm after completing my edges. I can roll again first thing in the morning and before bed each night until I finally orgasm. If I receive a ruined orgasm I can’t win an orgasm the time immediately after but must roll the dice and edge anyways, (what a tease it would be to get snake eyes that time) .

Who else is in? It could be a very long slipperly slope and I’ll be sure to be active until I orgasm again.

Thank you
May I never cum again.
My hands our down my pants rubbing my clit writing this, I should have given myself a final orgasm but fuck that its only been ten days…

Reblog if you support or if you’re playing with me !

Oh Queenie’s going for the Denial Challenge with her own added twists, very nice. (For those who remember she was the one who dared me to reblog her and she’d edge once for ever note it got before she came, I think she gave up at 897 notes, muahahaha…).

Oh and as a bonus, here’s a gif she sent me of her first edge of the challenge and I’m adding with permission:

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