I thought it’d be fun for Diva to answer:

Hello cutie. Don’t you know that cumming without permission is a really really bad behaviour? You deserve to be punished! And your boyfriend seems to have got the whole punishment thing, so why should I destroy that? He seems to be a great denial meanie if he makes you you come to my Sir to ask for permission! But James is also a denial meanie and I doubt he would let you cum if he would answer this ask. 

Apart from that, I don’t get to cum either and I would be very stupid to say yes when I’m suffering myself, isn’t that right? Oh and I like saying no. So no, you can’t cum, but don’t cry! I’m sure he’ll let you cum soon! Like in a year or so. It doesn’t matter, denying others is fun! So you should give him even more pleasure by begging him to never let you cum again. 

That’s my punishment for you for cumming without permission. Go to your boyfriend and tell him you never want to cum again. Oh and say hi from me!


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