Oh this is just wonderful. Your boyfriend’s sexual ineptitude has led to you being edged instead of cumming. That’s, that so beautiful and so awful.

I’m torn, you’re giving me such a dilemma. As a man the idea of a guy being so clueless hurts me and I want to fix that, but my evil dom side wants to make it worse.

Hmm, guess which wins…

So, first what I want you to do is encourage his poor loving skills. Tell him how good he is, when he fingers you like Marty doing his guitar solo tell him it feels so good.

When he fucks you fake it like a good little denial bitch. When you’re dripping with frustration and need, embrace his inept fumblings and weep secretly inside while you make him think he’s a champion lover.

And when he’s thinking he’s making you cum tell him you are, oh god, yes that’s it, I’m (not) cummmmiiiinnnnng!

And if, god forbid, he stumbles his way to taking you over the edge, you’re to immediately push him away and say you’re too sensitive, right as you ruin it.

And that’s it, for now. No, I’m not letting you do it yourself. Consider yourself on no touch apart from when he’s doing it. Learn some self control through that and maybe I’ll let you edge yourself if you do well.

In the meantime make sure you put your frustration into sucking his cock a lot. You’re allowed to touch yourself only while his cock is in your mouth. That’s all. Obviously no cumming, although if you manage to swallow every load or take it on your face, then every tenth time he cums you can ruin yourself while you suck him off.

Two weeks of trying that and let’s see how your self control has improved, then I might let you touch if you’ve impressed me.

Then again we might just pretend you can cum from anal:

Good girl.

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